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Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> how the states are preparing for hurricane sandy. >> it is actually looking pretty good outside. the bay bridge toll plaza is already seen patchy clouds and a lot of sunshine is in store for that afternoon. there'll be warmer temperatures for this after know. it will be low 50s and oakland as well as livermore valley. it will be gorgeous in the south bay. it will be 81 in los gatos. upper seven days for livermore. downtown san francisco will be in the low 70's and in a mixed bag of zero power 70's for the north bay.70's for the north ba >> the giants are preparing for game 3. here they are arriving in detroit. kron 4 j.r. stone followed the giants and how they're getting ready for game 3. >> the giants have arrived. they are now in detroit a.k.a. the d. the giants manager stated that his team is ready and fans in detroit stated that they are tired of this giants squad. >> it has been a tough couple of days. >> when you think of paul blololaolo no comment. >> do you think this panda guy is pretty good? tic >> yes he is good. >> we are going to win one game and there will win anot
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
are preparing for here recurrin-hurricane and sandy. is expected the combined impact with the cold of winter storm could be one-third of the country and nearly 60 million people several states have declared states of emergency and the new york gov. this morning is reporting that all transport systems be halted. evacuation's are expected to begin in atlantic city. at noon. and also airports could be closed major delays expected. >> we have nothing to complain about just a beautiful day today. >> janu? >> good morning, isabel. we are going to see those 80s similar to yesterday. we started off with a patchy clouds and some still clouds could return overnight inland. we will take a look at that on fog tracker 4. by noon, plenty of sunshine. it is going to be and other beautiful beach day. and among the san mateo pecoast it could make its way overnight. for the afternoon highs very nice. the peace in livermore. low mid 60s for the east bayshore. 66 degrees expected in half moon bay. and low mid 70's with the 77 degrees in santa rosa. 78 degrees in napa. upper 60s expected for downtown san francis
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
hit hard by hurricane sandy. following this morning's meeting administration officials will be visiting storm damage communities where they will examine the response efforts on hand. if they do want to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. >> this marathon has been cancelled and this is a past video from an older one. they have been getting criticism due to superstar and sanded. at least 40,000 hours are 47,000 people the world were expected to run this marathon but here are reactions due to cancellation. >> are you sure that it is cancelled? >> we are from germany and we prepared for this and now it is bed. >> what can we do? >> we will come back next year. >> in a statement new york's mayor stated that he could not have a controversy over an athletic event to impede the current situation. >> 100 people spent the night in anticipation to this event and they're also waiting for a guest. >> activby am out here at the village and a lot of people have chairs and sleeping vex because they're waiting for this new microsoft's store to open a letter this morni
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3